Sunday, 15 May 2011

020411 - The Props pt3

Alex, Tom and myself continued to work on the props for Barney's house set.

Here I worked on the letterbox for the door that Tom made.

It's been made from Milliput, as it's very easy to use and sets solid within a few hours once mixed together. Very useful as the wooden door couldn't go in the oven.

To neatened the letterbox off I simple filed down the edges once the Milliput was set, all that's left to do now is the give it a coat of paint.

While the letterbox was setting I got to work on more of the props for the fox's desk.

Here I was working on his writing desk, where he will be writing all his letters to Barney.

It's been made from Super Sculpey, and will simple be glued together using 2 part epoxy and then either brush painted or air brushed.

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