Sunday, 15 May 2011

Filming so Far pt1

The animating so far has been going very well, May's done about 4 or so finished shots, several were re-shot as she thought they could be done better, but we've got the time spare to do that and do the best animating we can.

Here you can see a few screen shots of the first few shots that have now been finished.

The Barney puppet is moving really well and the sets look brilliant, we're all very pleased with how things are going.

While this was going on, Alex, Tom and myself got on with a few of the small animations for the peace.

Tom worked on the leaves from the trees falling.

Alex worked on a moth animation, as they will be flying out of Barney's wallet as the fox opens it one scene.

I got on with animating the money falling. Here you can see a few grabs of the first shoot, there are 3 others done also, but you'll have to wait to see the rest in the final animation.

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