Monday, 16 May 2011

150511 - Repairing the Fox pt 2

To rejoin the cut seam on the fox's leg I simply used liquid latex.

The liquid latex was carefully brushed along both sides of the inside edge of the seam using a cotton bud. This ensured that the latex was neat and as little as possible was allowed to cover the outside edge of the puppet, which would ruin the repaint job and may also cause a crease.

The latex was then quickly dried using a hair dryer.

The resulting join was pretty good and with a coat of paint would blend in very nicely, however with it being the back of the leg, there are no shots where it would be visible.

This picture was taken after the repainting and also after 6 hours of filming during the day.

The ankle, and the puppet in general was brilliant to work with and was faultless throughout the shoot.

If I could make the armature and the puppet again I would experiment with more stands of 2mm wire, and also replace the the 1mm aluminium wire with copper wire as it's a lot more durable and would at least allow me to finish a shot before a joint failed completely.

I would also paint the puppet using a combination of acrylic, for the colour and silicone. This would allow me to get a thin paint coat on the puppet, that would keep creases to a minimum, but it also wouldn't crack as easily as the acrylic, therefore not need as much attention/repainting.

However, time was running short due to a University mishap regarding the use of foam latex we just had to work with what we had in the limited time frame.

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