Monday, 16 May 2011

160511 - Filming so far pt3

As I mentioned on my previous update, the filming today went very well and I was pleased with how the puppet performed.

I managed to get 10 seconds or so filmed today in 6 hours no stop shooting, shooting in a combination of 1s and 2s.

This included a small 5 step quadruped walk cycle, it didn't go too badly but it felt far from perfect so I might, if I get the time/chance, re-shoot the scene and see if I can improve on it.

Here are a few quick shots from today, no film stills as I left my hard drive at home.

While I was filming the fox, May continued to film Barney in the indoor/house set.

Things seemed to go really well and the animation is looking great, so far we have well over 1minute filmed and we are slowly getting onto the last few scenes of.

While we were both animating, Alex and Tom were working on the Sound/Foley and also putting together a first edit of the scenes we've shot so far.

Here Tom is compiling all the finished scenes we've done so far, along with putting in all the music and foley.

The first edit it fantastic, and with all the sound in place the animation really is coming together.

Here Alex is editing all the foley he's been working on throughout the day with Tom, the sounds have been brilliant and really worked within the animation.

Over the next few day's we'll be finishing off the last few scenes of animating and turning this first edit into the final animation in Final Cut Pro.

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