Sunday, 15 May 2011

130411 - Painting the Fox pt2

We had a few days off at Easter, so I used this time to finish off some of the last of the props.

I made a very cheap and quick spay booth out of an old pizza box and a shoe box, held together using tape.

It might be cheap, but it worked a treat and made the whole thing so much easier and less messy.

Here I was spraying the Barney's mugs a nice bright blue to add some more colour to the set.

Once that was done and air brush thoroughly cleaned out I set about finishing the fox up.

I gave it a final coat of orange paint, and also painted the tail.

Once dry I then applied the white to all the areas that needed it, around the bottom half of the body, ears and tip of the tail.

I then finished the fox off with the final colour to be used on it, black.

This was applied by airbrush to the feet, and a fine brush used to add the detail to the face and ears of the fox.

I then positioned the fox in a standing/ready to walk pose and painted over any cracks that appeared.

All that remains to do on the fox now is add the eyes.

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