Saturday, 21 May 2011

Filming.... finished!

Well filming of "The Money Tree" has now finished, all scenes have been filmed and gone really well.

All that's left to do is hand all the files over to the more than capable hands on Tom Granger, so he can continue to edit the whole thing together. To his credit, he's already edited most of the film now, he just needs to add in the last few scenes and it's looking FANTASTIC.

Here are a few screen shots of us finishing up the animating.

Here the fox is just about to start writing his warning letters to Barney.

The final notice being handed to the badger bailiffs.

Shhhh! I never posted this up....

 Here's a quick glimpse of the final scene of the animation, which was animated by Alex, Tom and myself, each taking a different character.
I animated the fox, Alex animated the badger in the foreground and Tom animated the badger reclining on the sofa.

The scene went really well and to top it all off we had a good laugh while shooting it, which made it all the better.

Here's a few shots of May finishing up the last of the Barney scenes, the animating's been great and we're all really excited now to see the final thing.

For the very final scene, where the credits are rolling we needed Barney sitting naked cowering in a corner, so, Alex made a good plasticine puppet that would be the body double for Barney. Once sculpted he then gave it a coat of the same paint (latex) as the main puppet so it would be an exact replacement.

The head will be simply placed onto this puppet and the hands have already been put on, using a spare set of replacement hands.

Here Alex and Tom are animating the last few scenes which just have the badgers in.

Here the badgers have just turned up on Barney's door step and they are about to raid Barney's house of all his possesions.

As I mentioned at the start, the animation is now finishsed and is being edited together by Tom (the guy standing at the back of the set).

Once it's finished I will load it upto Vimeo and post it up on here, but for now you'll have to wait.



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