Sunday, 15 May 2011

090511 - The Props pt5 - - Making another set of hands for Barney

As the animating went on, Barney's hands were slowly deteriorating and were in need of replacement.

Using some spare hand blocks I knocked up some replacement hands for Barney in no time at all.

After several hours with latex, dipping and waiting for it the dry the replement hands were finished, just in need of the last paint job to match up with the old ones.

Sadly the hands werenn't the only things that needed replaing. By the time the hands were done we had a small disaster when Barney's neck broke, along with a few of his joints wearing out.

Thankfully Alex managed to make a whole replacement armature that evening so he was ready to shoot with the next day. It was almost an exact replica, with very few minor diferences on the surface, once big difference thought is that he was no loner foam latex.This was because to the mould for Barney broke and is no longer useable and we don't have the time to make another. We've just got to make do with what we've got at the minute.

A few more props were also needed, so I set about making them.

The first are the letter that the fox sends Barney. These are essentially reminders/letters from the fox to tell Barney he owes him the money he took from the tree. The problem is, they're just paw print and scratches so he can't read them.

I made these letters very quickly on photoshop, scaled them down and printed them off. All I had to do then was cut them out and they're ready to go.

We also needed standard letters that Barney would recieve through the post. Again these were made in photoshop. The small and large letters were just rectangles of colour, printed out and cut out, to finish them off I just drew on all the detail using a fine liner and a ruler, quick and simple.

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