Sunday, 15 May 2011

110411 - The Sets pt3

The finishing touches to the house set are now slowly being made and it's all really coming together.

Here Alex made a student-esque make shift set of shelves made to look like concrete blocks and scaffolding planks. It's been made from foam board and balsa wood.

He also made a to scale set of yellow pages and also a plant to sit on the shelves.

Here you can also see the DVD boxes I made, at home on the shelves.

Here's a collection of all the props that have been made for the house set, mostly made by Alex and Tom.

Here's the old TV and table that Tom made, with the games console I made sitting in position next to it, surround by the bags of rubbish made by May and Alex.

The sofa, also made by Tom.

The new TV table made by May, along with a collection of bottles, with labels made by Alex, a collection of photos/pictures of the wall made by Tom and the new games console made my me.

Here we set up some lights and did a few lighting shots to see how well the room could be lit and also the sort of light that would come through the windows.

A shot of the house from the outside, with the door fitted, it now opens and closes and the letterbox also opens and closes as it should.

Here are some quick lighting shots of the finished forest set.

All the trees are now in position, the money tree is in the right spot and fixed down,

The fallen tree, which is also the fox's desk is removable so we can get the camera in position properly for some close ups.

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